“I believe the many third party comments about our labels gives a great testimony to our labels and packaging. Every time our wines are presented to a new potential customer they always start with a comment about how great the labels are. This gives great confidence to any potential customer that the wine will stand out on the shelf or restaurant table. Getting to this stage is what takes the time and effort but importantly the teamwork and collaboration with the designer. It is not just the label design that has to work; it is about the whole package. That is POS, business cards, cartons, table talkers, email signatures, and website the whole package all of which has been well thought through by Kim to achieve a consistent “message” about our brand.

Philip White said this about the label: (Philip White, Drinkster, July 2015) ‘With its enviable dash of humour and carefree confidence, it’s the sort of logo you can recognise on a table right across the other side of the street. Through an ice bucket.’”

– Neil Jericho, Distributor for Jericho Wines in SA

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  • Client: Jericho Family Wines
  • Since: 2012
  • Categories: Design, Identity, Wine