Riesling for Good can be likened to an opportunistic pop-up. The alignment of some like-minded folk willing to contribute, a deserving cause, and well…some Riesling – has culminated in this small-batch bottling of a 2016 Eden Valley Riesling with all funds generated through sales to benefit a newly established scholarship through Foundation Barossa.

Kicking Goals, a sub-fund within Foundation Barossa, is a newly established scholarship fund set-up by John Hughes – known to many through his wine range – Rieslingfreak. The scholarship aims to support Barossa youth living with disability through both financial aid and other means.

This project wouldn’t be where it is without the support of the aforementioned ‘like-minded folk’. Rieslingfreak, Eden Hall Wines, Rolf Binder Wines, Multi-Colour Corporation Barossa, Brady & Co Creative and Vinpac International have all generously pitched in to allow for the creation of Riesling for Good.

Your purchase of Riesling for Good will provide funds that will literally Do Some Good for Barossa youth here in our community.

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  • Charity: Kicking Goals Scholarship, Foundation Barossa
  • Since: 2016
  • Categories: Design, Identity, Wine